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UUSee is one of the best Live P2P freeware applications and some of the channels in UUSee has a contract with the application. You can find lots of TV channels in UUSee channel list but you cannot set the language to English. This makes the application to use difficult but donít forget to check the image taken from UUSee at the bottom of the page. We tried to focus on some of the basics functions at that image taken from UUSee so it will help you if you are thinking to install the application.

Installiation takes 1 minute to 2 minute and you can get the latest version from their home page ( You donít need to install the toolbar which causes problems at your computer. If you understand Chineese, you are free to install extra tools but for English user, we are not advising you to install these extra tools because of itís hard to understand and use it properly.

There is one thing you should know after you install the UUSee P2P software: When you click the X botton at the right corner, application just make it self running at the back ground so actually you just set the UUSee to the minimize mode. If you want to quit from the application, you need to right click with your mouse and choose ďExitĒ from there so your computer will not use extra power to run the application.

You can watch any stream in full screen mode and search any channel in the channel list with 1 step. You can also create your favorite lists and add any channel to these favorite lists.

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