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Live TV P2p Streaming


TVU is a free software which is available at Windows platform. You are able to watch thousands of free TV channels in TVU network and one of the best P2P Software in the market.

TVU is a P2P software and using Real Time Packet Replication technology. When you start to play a channel via TVU, you are also sharing the channel streaming with other people. If the channel quality is not good, it might be that some people are having bad connection (or maybe you have a slow connection) or the channel source has a bad quality. You dont need extra space at your storage device because the stream buffers in the memory.

TVU Main

You can download the zipped file and choose “English” as language. Installation takes less than 1 minute and user friendly interface. You can see the quality of the channel, bitrate of the channel via main player and make the player full screen. If the bitrate of the channel is not very good, it’s best to not make the player full screen since you will see lots of big squares at your screen. You are also able to add any channel available via TVU Software to your favorite list so it will be easier for you to find that channel in the future.

There are thousands of channels available via TVU and you can start to view any channel after browsing through TV channel list. Just like SopCast, some channels might not be public and you need to have rights to access these kinds of channels. Lots of sport events and news channels are able via TVU Software and you are able to watch lots of local channels too. There are lots of Asian channels since TVU is very popular at there but lots of channels are starting to broadcast during the day. If a channel you added to your favorite list is not available at the moment, it’s most likely that the streamer closed that channel at that time.

TVU Play

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