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TVAnts is a freeware P2P application available in windows platform. You are able to watch thousands of streaming via TVAnts and you can set the language of the user interface to “English”. While we were writing this article, latest TVAnts version was build 36 and they don’t update their version regularly. It’s a fully

One of the big advantage of TVAnts compared to other P2P applications, they have a quality channel list where all channels categorized by their genres and you are able delete any channel from the list. When you through the channel list, you can see that some channels are offline most of the times or bad quality, so you don’t need to bother these channels in the future since buffering takes some time every time you click on a channel. You can also “modify” channels which are in the channel list. For example you change the address of the stream or change the name of the channel which will make it unique for you when you look at the channel list in the future. There is also a “Search” tab so you can just fill in the search tab and search for a channel.

TVAnts Main

Just like other players, you can see the details of the stream such as bitrate and the quality of the stream. You need to double click to play a channel from the list and buffer times are very fast compared to other P2P players. You can make the player full screen or lock it so you don’t change the channel mistakenly.

TVAnts used to have those disturbing pop up advertisements but after new releases, these advertisements loads while the player buffering a channel.

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