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Sopcast is a free p2p software program where you can watch or listen channels via internet. It’s using p2p technology and it’s an efficient way to watch or listen streaming. All you need is freeware sopcast program, a windows or linux operating system installed computer and an internet connection. You are able to broadcast your own channels without paying anything and able to reach thousands of visitors via sopcast p2p software.

Sopcast is using their “SoP” technology which is invented by Sopcast developer and this protocol makes streaming very easy compared to other P2P protocols available with different software’s.

Sopcast Login

You are able to create and share your channel fast and easy set up. Their user interface is quite user friendly and buffer times for channels varies depending on how many user is on the network. This is normally not more than 30 seconds and you need to have fast internet connection in order to decrease the buffer time. Since the channels are buffered in the memory, there are no big files created in the storage files and will be deleted when you stop to play the channel.

Sopcast Main

You can share your media files (such as .mp3, .avi, .flv, .mp4, .mkv, .mpeg, .mpeg4, .wmv, .rm and lots of other well known media types) and create your own watermark for your channel. You can also set any file for loop (which will play the same media file again and again) and able to see the channel quality at your dashboard which is giving detail explanation of quality of the channel in the network. You cancreate more than 1 channel and share via SopCast software depending of the performance of your pc. You can set a password for a channel so you are able to protect your stream.

If you want to use SopCast just for watching P2P streams, you can use the player which is embedded in the software or use external players like Windows Media Player. Some of the channels might not be public so you need to have the password to able to watch the channel. There are lots of web sites using SopCast and embed it to their web site. If you have the url ( channel address) and the channel is public, you are able to watch this channel by following the steps under :

-If you are registered user of SopCast, login when the application start or just login as anonymous
-Click the “Channels” tab and browse through thousands of channels and select a channel from the list
-Player box will open and the channel will starts to buffer(this might change depending of the channel quality in the network and your internet connection. Normally it takes 30 seconds to start the streaming)
-You can also start the streaming at your favorite media player

Sopcast Play

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