Live P2P TV Stream

Live TV P2p Streaming


PPStrem is P2P application software but still the user interface is in Chinese. Itís hard for users to understand which function is where but if you want to use the just the channels in the channel list, itís a OK application to install. You can go to their homepage ( and install the latest version. Installation takes less than 2 minutes and itís little bit complicated compare the other P2P Live TV applications. You need to deactivate P2PStream Software at your internet firewall so application can play the streams without problem.

After installation complete, you need to setup your connection settings such as TCP limits. This will prevent the application run in slower mode. You can double click on any channel in PPStream Live TV Software and channel will start to buffer and play it depending on factors like channel signal and your internet connection. You can also play any channel at your external media player. Make sure that your firewall settings enable P2PStream software to connect internet and get the stream details to your computer.

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