Live P2P TV Stream

Live TV P2p Streaming


PPMate is another nice P2P software available at the market and thousands of streaming channels. You can use it in English and very easy user interface. It takes less than 2 minutes to install the software and you need to have an internet connection to able to watch live streaming.

You can see all the channels in the channel list and you can also search in this channel list to find the right channel. You are able to create your own favorite list and add the desired P2P channel into your favorite list. You can see the list of “recent watch” channels and make the channel in full screen mode.

PPMate has its own Player (VOD Player) and you can play media files at your storage device. After you start a channel, you are able to record it to your hard disk and able to play again with your external media player or VOD Player. You have to double click on any channel in order to start the streaming and it buffers the live stream into the memory just like other P2P software’s.

You can play any streaming which is available in PPMate software in your external player. You need to right click on the main player and choose the desired player and the stream will start to play. You need to use the main player of PPMate if you want to record the live streaming.

PPMate has a forum and you can register at there for free and ask any question at there. Since it has a very user friendly interface, you don’t need to use the forum for question related to interface.

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