Live P2P TV Stream

Live TV P2p Streaming


Afreeca is another one of the best P2P Software but you are not able to set the language to English. You can see an image taken from Afreeca at the end of this page so you can understand better because of language problem in Afreeca.

You can double click on any channel to start the streaming of live channel and it can start after a short buffering time. You are able to see the details and statictics of the channel at the main player and stop the streaming any time you want. You can use the search function and search the channel list to find the channel you are looking for and add that live streaming p2p channel to your favorite list. You can create more than 1 favorite list but you need to use a translator to achieve this.

You can visit their home page ( and download the latest version of Afreeca P2P Software. Installation is easy and it should not take more than 2 minutes to install Afreeca. There are no pop up advertisements while you are using this live p2p application but as we mentioned above, language is the most problem while you are using this software.

Afreeca using P2P technology so while you are watching a streaming channel, you are also sharing the stream to other people in the network.

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